Road Atlas to China

Shanghai, China
  -Shanghai, with a population of over 23 million, is China's largest city as well as an economic, cultural, and financial center. Shanghai, meaning "Above the sea" now is a thriving commercial and financial center. Beginning as a fishing and textiles town, Shanghai was later opened by the Treaty of Nanking, resulting in the settling of the British, French, Americans, Germans, and Russians, who left a permanent architectural legacy and style still widely seen today. Shanghai also spearheaded China's reform and opening up which led to its rapid and vast development. Shanghai, unlike Beijing is said to be more attractive for an outsider to visit because it offers not only interesting and fun but also offers a unique colonial past as well as traditional treasures. Shanghai is truly an international city with a wide array of cultures and influences yet still contains a lot of Chinese's traditional and classic gardens, pagodas, and such.
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East China Normal University
  -While in China, I will be studying and taking classes at East China Normal University.
  -ECNU has become a comprehensive research university since China opened in 1978. ECNU has great influence around the world and currently has established exchange partnerships with over 150 international universities and academic institutions. They're current goal is to "establish itself as an internationally renownd high-level research university".
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  -A look at Shanghai and where ECNU is in regards to it. Note the other four major Shanghai sites.

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