Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 5 - Rainbow Mountains

Our tour guide and teachers let us sleep in today and it felt great. Not having to wake up super early and taking a relaxing morning. I think we all needed that.
We headed out at eleven and took the bus to a local market. There our tour guide told us to find food and meet back. My friend Lindsey and I found this restaurant and we had yummy noodles, they tasted just like fajitas with noodles. Delicious. After that we walked around the market a bit and of course I was craving ice cream. We found a huge supermarket next to the market and we each bought a tub of ice cream. Even though it was freezing it was so worth it. 
We finally made our way back to the bus but literally had to walk across the whole town in order to find our bus. It took forever too, we'd stop here and buy a snack there, and of course a pictures too. I saw one of the funniest things, a sign saying emergency toilet. I still am confused as to what deems something an emergency toilet. Things like these, when I first came to China surprised me and totally baffled me, but now they are just followed by a "oh China", we're so used to it.
When we got to the bus we realized we were missing two of the students. We then followed by calling and driving around the city looking for them. Turns out they were just in the supermarket buying ice cream too.
We went to see a part of the Great Wall. Our tour guide told us that this part of the wall was 600 years which was really cool. The wall wasn't that great, but it was still neat to see that part of the history. We walked along and on top of it, at times being in China, at times in Mongolia.
After our walk along the Great Wall we continued our way and were surprised by our tour guide, he took us to see the Rainbow Mountains.

When I say Rainbow Mountains, I actually mean mountains with all sorts of colors. They were beautiful and such a fascinating sight. They drove us around in a bus, at full speed, and we had four spots were we could walk around and take pictures. We were such tourists, running around everywhere, just taking pictures of everything. It was so cool though and the scenery was amazing, it was hard not to. 

I was really happy we had the chance to see the mountains, and its amazing what nature can do. 

After the mountains we headed back to the train station. We took an overnight train back to Lanzhou, the city we started in. This was an experience. We each got a sleeper, so there was four people in each compartment. It was an interesting experience.

Since we had fifteen hours to kill, we played games, watched a bunch of movies, and just hung out and had fun. My first over night sleeping on a train experience. At the end we were so tired, I actually slept really good. 

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