Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting Excited!

My name is Stefanie Vorleiter and right now I am getting ready to go to China. I am currently attending High Point University and seeking a major in International Business and a minor in Chinese. As one of my requirements I need to study abroad and what place better to go than China! I am getting kind of nervous because I sent in my visa papers but don't have them yet so hopefully (crossing my fingers) I'll receive them any day now. I just found out where I am staying, with a host family in an apartment building 15-20 minutes from the University. The family I'm staying with has a daughter as well and I'm excited because now I get to have a sister. I'm leaving in a week and a half and I'm nervous and excited. Yet I still have no idea what to pack. I will be trying to blog about my trip and everything as much as possible. My goal is to let family and friends in a way take the trip with me and be able to see some of what I am experiencing and seeing. So hopefully you will enjoy this adventure with me and maybe even learn some Chinese along with it.

See you soon