Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 3 - A day traveling, a new experience

I woke drenched in sweat, I guess my fever broke over night.
We all got up and got dressed, brushed our teeth with water bottles and headed to get breakfast.
Our host moms made us rice and hot water, bread, butter tea, and yogurt. The rice and water was good, it was just like Rice and milk that my mom makes back home, and delicious on a cold day.
It was really early so most of us were still half asleep anyway, but we all managed to get on the bus on time.
Thankfully I fell asleep again because the ride back was scary. There was one point I could have sworn we almost tipped over, I'm surprised we didn't because one side of the bus was definitely not touching the road. It took us a while to get out of the mountains, but it also gave us all a chance to sleep. Five or so hours later we were finally back in Xiahe (夏河).
We had to run because we had to go catch a train to the next city. We made it to the train station and even had a lot of time to spare. The train station was interesting, a huge hall with so many seats. People were everywhere, not only sitting on the seats, but sitting and lying everywhere else too. It was a picture.
I was freaking out though, our train was supposed to leave and we had about five minutes left and we were still standing inside the terminal. It was funny because I was freaking out and all the teachers were as calm as can be. I guess here in China you don't panic until the minute your supposed to board the train.
When we finally went out to the terminal to board the train we probably moved around three or four times. We were told we only had about three minutes to board the train and there were thirty of us and we all had luggage.
Now the funny part was, when the train came some of us got on, but then it stopped. Apparently thirty other people had taken our seats we had paid for and there was no more space. Out tour guide had to get on the train and boot everyone out of our seats so everyone could get on and get a seat. About half an hour later we were finally all in a seat, not our assigned ones. It felt as if we were on top of each other. There were people standing in the corridors and people sitting on top of each other. Definitely an experience. The train was seven and a half hours so we spent it reading, playing cards and games, and trying to sleep. It was fun though, my first train experience here in China.
We finally got there and made our way to our bus. We had a few hour ride to our next city and everyone fell asleep again.
Our tour guide took us to another family style restaurant but I think everyone was so out of it and tired at that point, dinner was pretty quiet and relaxed.
Everybody was really happy when they took us to our hotel. I took a shower and felt so much better. I could feel two days traveling and everything just wash off.
Our friend had brought his laptop and so we watched a movie, but soon everyone went to bed. It had been a full and long traveling day. Tomorrow is jeep surfing in the desert, we were all excited.

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