Thursday, September 12, 2013

Red Beans, no thank you

My first school week is done. I can actually say thank god and am happy I made it. All those sayings that the Chinese study a lot, they're true. It felt like midterms this week. Now we'll all be ready for next week. It's good though, we'll definitely learn the language working like this. I love my classes, even though I sit in my Chinese class most of the time and am lost and have no idea what's being said, I'm learning more and more everyday. My economics teacher and my management sustainability teacher are both Chinese who have studied abroad and worked there too. It is fascinating to see they're points of view and learn from them. One thing though, I will be surprised if by the end of the semester one of us doesn't end up on the first floor (class is on the sixth). Every time one of us take a step something creaks or breaks and the floor boards are half broken already. At least You'll know what happend if I don't come home with all my body parts intact.
I still can't wrap my head around the get used to the amount of people here. The traffic is insane here, I'm really surprised I haven't been hit yet. People are everywhere weaving in and out of bicycles, mopeds, cars, and busses. 
This is a picture of a slow day, i still have to catch one when it's crazy, but you get pushed and slung around its hard.
Ive been very open to try everything here and I've tried a lot so far but today that wasn't a good choice. I went to a drink store and bought this frappe looking drink (it was all in Chinese so I had no idea what most of it was), and when I got it it looked really good but it was far from that. I had bought a red bean frappe which tasted just like red bean soup but with milk and whipped cream. I can put that on my list of tried it and leave it at that. 
Who knows what I'll try next, it's always an adventure here.
I went shopping today for supplies and groceries and had to put this up:
This is my favorite candy in Germany and I was really surprised they have it here, and everywhere. It's interesting how big of an international community there is in Shanghai. Even with most of the 24 million people being Chinese, the international community has an enormous impact here. You can find everything here, you just have to look for it.
Well that's it for today, I'm ready to go see more of Shanghai this weekend. Hopefully I can find a few tee houses and check out the gardens and temples.
Till next time.

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