Saturday, September 7, 2013

One week already?

I can't believe I've been here a week already. Time does fly. After the week we had I think everyone was pretty worn out. We did go out and explore though, not doing so would not be taking advantage of being here. We decided To be adventurous and got on the metro and took an exit we thought sounded good. To our surprised we landed just about in the middle of nowhere. We walked a bit and then found this very cool and distinct cafe. 

It was neat though and I enjoyed it.
We then took the metro back and went to the mall, I had to get a few school supplies. It was getting late so we decided to stop at this neat cafe in the mall where when you ordered you got to have (not to keep though :( ) this cute teddy bear.
Something new everyday right. As we were leaving we laughed because we saw this, 
We're still alive though which is good and it was yummy.
Another nice adventure here in Shanghai.  It's getting late and tomorrow is homework day. Already got loads of it.
I'll keep you updated with everything. Hope your enjoying this.
Till next time. 

I just want to apologize if the formatting, coloring, spelling, and everything seems a bit off. I currently can only access blogger through my iPod and that won't let me edit or format it at all and therefore I cannot fix all that. But I'm working on it so bear with me. Thanks :)

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