Friday, September 6, 2013

A neon-lit beacon

Shanghai, often called the countries neon-lit beacon of opportunity, change, and sophistication offers a taste of all the superlatives you can think about of China. It's been three days and there's been so much to see I don't know where to start. We went exploring Wednesday and found a huge park next to our school. We walked for about an hour an a half and saw all sorts of interesting and neat things. This was we're the elderly came in the afternoon equipped with tables and mahjong tiles and played for hours. Were friends gathered along the lake and played music together and had a good time. Where kids learned to fly kites you could barely see because they we're so high. This park included a whale show and an aquarium as well as motor and paddle boats for the lake. It was great seeing people of all ages gather here in the afternoon and just enjoy themselves. I think I'll be spending some time there studying, reading, or just going for a walk. 
Our school took us to an acrobatics show on wednesday and it was spectacular. We were all holding on to our seats and you could hear murmurs of worry coming from everyone as they performed one insanely gravity defying act after another. At one point there were seven motorcyclists racing around in a metal ball at the speed of light, how they didn't hit each other was mind boggling. Then about 10 girls we're jumping and climbing in between bikes like it was nothing. Remember all the kids trying to do tricks on their trick bikes, even the best are amateurs compared to these girls. There was one act that I have to confess what my favorite though. It was a couple and they were swinging, and acrobatically dancing in the air held up by two silk bands. It was really beautiful and at the same time terrifying too just wanted them through each other around. It was a great show and after my walk home I was able to take a shower and then I hit the bed like a rock. Shanghai really knows how to take it out of you. 
Stepping stones at the river in Zhongshan Park. We were like little kids running around
Musicians having fun and playing around at the park. We had to be sneaky, the Chinese don't like it when we take their picture.
The lotus pond, I believe it's Chinas national flower. They are all starting to bloom now so in a week it should be beautiful here.
Beautiful gardens and relaxing areas cover the park.

A motorcycle full of kites. Kite flying really is an art here and wonderful to watch.
I love the bridges at the park, they bring a sort of European style to it which I love. 

Sorry this was a long one. It's hard to keep it short since there's so much to see an tell. I'll keep on trying to update though so ou guys can see a bit of Shanghai and experience it with me. 
Till the next time.

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