Monday, September 2, 2013

Brand New

I'm in Shanghai. Took me a while to figure out the Internet to write and then I found out Blogger was blocked. I found out how to get a VPN and that enables me to use all the websites that are blocked. It basically serves so that you don't use a Chinese server but either a server through your home school or some other American server.
Shanghai is interesting, to say the least. We landed on Sunday and waited for everyone tk get there so finally we got on the scariest bus ride of my life, and I've been on a few. I guess when your a bus in China you don't need to obey these whatsoever. We were literally driving in the middle of two lanes at full speed and would come up on a car an just honk historically till they move out of the way. We made it though, even in two lanes. Yesterday I had orientation all day but whenever we had free time we'd go out and explore. I had my first dumplings, and they were delicious. Shanghai is huge though and with 24 million people there are apartment skyscrapers all over the place. The buildings are enormous as the closes mall take up 4 blocks and is 7 stories high. Our program took us to dinne last night and it was really cool. About 60 of u took up a slice of this huge restaurant in one of the skyscrapers. Food was already there wen we got there but a we started eating, they brought out dish after dish. It lasted or about an hour and believe it or not but the foo kept coming. We were si people at our table and could barely make a dent. It was delicious though, we had pork and rice, spicy noodles and soy cucumbers, green tea cakes and tofu soup, just to name some. It was a great first dinner in Shanghai and I can't wait to taste what else there is! Today is orientation day two and were hoping to go explore and do some necessity shopping afterwards. The sky's clear ( not what I was expecting) and its warm out. I can't wait to see what I find today.

The Grand Harbor Mall we walk by on our way to school, it looks like it belongs in Vegas
The view from my room, skyscraper apartments everywhere. 

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