Saturday, October 19, 2013

ZhuJiaJiao Town

Today our program took us to this little village called ZhuJiaJiao. It was a wonderful study break. It was raining when we left and the ride was long, traffic was crazy. When we got there we all got on these river boats,about six of us per boat, and we had a guy row us down the river. It was quite a ride, we rocked back and forth but it was fun.
When we got there there women were selling bags of fish, and at first we didn't know why they were selling the fish.Apparently these are wish fish and after a while of asking and asking I gave in and bought a fish for 40 cents. I let him go into the river and made my wish. 
We walked along the roads of ZhuJiaJiao, restaurants and shops lined the streets. Its a little fishing village, quaint and old but still beautiful in its way. 
I was starving but on the way back we say this women wash a pot in the river (brown water) and I was so glad I decided not to eat anything. 
It was a nice after noon and relaxing and on the way back everyone fell asleep.
We decided to eat family style again and tried this new Muslim place. It was delicious. I ordered potatoes in special spice and flat dough noodles. Its like flour noodles but instead of looking like spaghetti they aren't rolled out all the way, boy where they good. 
Our boat paddler

I love the store names here

Especially this one, very original

Crabs, pig legs, chickens, and what not

This man drew characters for us. He draws all of these paintings by himself, been practicing and doing this for 39 years. 

We found this cutie on the way out. 2 yuan to take a picture, worth the cause, just look at him
It's been a good week. One more week and then were heading on our week long school excursion. Im heading to travel the silk road, and even going all the way to Mongolia apparently. So hopefully I can find some time this week, I need to buy wool sweaters, dust masks, flashlights, and gear for the trip. I'm excited. 
Tomorrow I'm going to the fake market, one of my homework assignments is to go have a conversation with a shop owner and bargain with them in Chinese, and record it. So well see how that goes. I've gotten pretty good at it in English, Chinese is gonna be a bit of a challenge. Who knows what I'll come out with.

朱家角- Zhujiajiao

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